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Based in Bristol, our group was formed in January 2017, and there are currently 12 of us. Our repertoire covers a range of pop and rock songs (including original arrangements by our own members). We love performing together, and are available to hire - get in touch if you're interested!

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Names & Voices


Elaine - Soprano

Crazy cat lady, with only one cat to throw people off the scent. Lover of wine, gardening, baths and fantasy fiction, often in combination. Tea and bacon hater... not entirely sure she's English! Arranger for the group, with a talent for high squeaky noises.

Helen - Alto

Petrolhead, plate-turner and never knowingly underdressed. Helen can't pronounce "Bath" properly;insisting there is no "R" in it. While she loves singing with The Setbacks, should she be offered a part on Jem and the Holograms' reunion tour, she'd be off like a shot. (Sorry gang!)

Giuseppe - Baritone

Anglo-Italian, architect, family man and dreamer. Equally well versed in Puccini and Dr Dre, some say his heart beats to the groove of a laid back G-Funk beat and that he literally cannot speak until he's had his first morning espresso.

Holly - Soprano

Drama teacher extraordinaire and lover of musical theatre. Holly hails from Wolves but lives in Bristol with her dog Padfoot. Her favourite things include walking her dog, bad karaoke and road trips to the coast. She can never say no to a gin, it’s 40% stronger than her.

Sarah - Alto

Sarah seems to think she's quite sexy but she's actually a madwoman who wears wigs and jiggles about haplessly, looked on fondly as an embarrassing mad aunt, or even granny. In her spare time she teaches English and has been known to choreograph using her teaching powerpoints.

Peter - Bass

Lowest of the low, he's been hiding in Bristol's a cappella bassment for more than 15 years. Petrolhead & convicted aeroholic, he loves anything with wheels/wings and an engine.

Lucy - Mezzo

Multi-linguist, Director of the Minor Setbacks, crazy cat mum and passionate sweetcorn-eater (Green Giant only), Lucy enjoys complaining about poorly translated online articles, running her cats' Instagram account, listening to musical cast recordings... and, well, singing.

Daniel - Tenor

Dan is a music teacher and choir leader, spending time playing Build Me Up Buttercup on the ukulele with kids singing along. His pub-quiz areas are X-men comics and UK garage (aware of just how cool he is). Well known for his signature move, "struggling to control his limbs".

Stanford - Bass

Stanford is an a cappella nerd and lover of group singing who has a single job which he adores - grumbly low notes which actual singers can provide their lovely solos on top of! He's happy to be joining the gang and continuing the long journey of understanding what a root note is!

Laura - Mezzo

Laura has a sparkly gold pencil case; she loves to use her stationary to write very important lists. Laura loves music and does a lot of singing in her spare time but she does have some other interests... She can solve a rubix cube and bakes delicious cakes for the group.

Oliver - Baritone

Music teacher extraordinaire, lover of tea and Manchester United, can often be found with a pitch pipe in one hand and a real ale in the other, raving about his slow cooker and his cats. The group's resident Northerner, Oli arranges for the group and can't resist a good mashup.

Ed - Beatboxer

As an alumni member of Bath University's Aquapella, Ed is no stranger to boots and cats. Along with footwear and felines, he enjoys ice cream, riverside strolls, and homemade pie.

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Your Words About Us


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